public projects/ art engages viewer

random pieces of
was an interactive collage created for the first Re-Viewing Black Mountain College Conference. Opening with the museum reception and continuing through the conference, participants were invited to embellish random pieces of hand painted Japanese paper and drop them into one of two paper mache bowls.  These pieces were later placed on a hanging structure using the I Ching grid and coin toss for placement.

quiet space/2011
was an installation for ReVIEWING Black Mountain College 3:  John Cage and his circle of influence.  This space was designed to be reflective and connective.  Two trays were place opposite each other, one for viewing and the other for painting with water on a disappearing board.  White papers were hung with red string in the I Ching grid that connected with visual images inside packets on one tray originating from I Ching readings.

8'16"interaction w/repeat - 2015
an installation for ReVIEWING Black Mountain College 7. This installation gave viewers the opportunity to create a "free form color study" as taught by Albers. Studies were digitally photographed and later combined into a short performance piece.  It created space for the viewer to work with the visual element and as Albers said, "to open the eyes to  see".

2017 Re-Happening
began as an interactive collage online through Instagram and Tumblr.  Then structures were installed at the Black Mountain College Lake Eden campus for the viewers to interact with the pieces in various ways.  As the day moved into the evening the light shifted focus into a watery movement inspiring dance and other forms of interaction.  The artist set out to push the boundaries of collage from 2-D into the 3-D objects combining elements with time through engaging with limited engagement through social media.