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July 13, 2016 celebrates the 100th Birthday for M.C. Richards.  

M.C. Richards was a visionary in her life, teaching, and work. A forerunner for the important role creative thought plays in our evolution and world. She is widely recognized as a poet and potter through her book Centering, In Pottery, Poetry, and the Person originally published by Wesleyan University Press in 1962.  Her pottery works include the famous "I Am" Tablets, "Dream Angel", and "Emerging Form - From Root Shoot to the Inner Ear".  Finding inspiration for her teaching and expression within the experience of her daily life,  she recorded the impressions from these experiences using the mediums of word, clay, and late in life painting. 

At the age of 70, she picked up a brush and began painting.  Most of her paintings are acrylic on paper. Within the span of less than 13 years she created a body of work on everything from a winged seed to an apple to Demeter to simply green. Her last series was twelve paintings of individual eggs.  Shape and form exploring the interaction of color as life expands and emerges from within.  M.C.'s paintings are a vast and bold exploration of color, thought, and life - reminiscence of the bold works created by the wild Fauves at the turn of the 20th century.  

I first encountered M.C. Richards' paintings at an exhibition for the Women of Black Mountain College held at BMCM+AC.  As I looked upon one of the egg paintings, I asked the question,"who is this painter?"  I was told she was not known as a painter, but as a poet and potter. So I glanced over at her pottery, then returned to the egg and thought, no this woman is definitely painting with reason, she is a painter too.  M.C. began her artistic journey as a poet, followed her passion for clay to become a potter, and towards the end her life centered her wholeness in being as a painter.  She left the world a map for becoming whole and centered in our being.

Over the next 12 months an egg will be created in honor of her life and work.  By creating an egg during this year of her 100th birthday, I Am celebrating her life, acknowledging the value of her work in our world, and expressing my gratitude for her teachings. The path she left for others to follow is narrow, but well worth the journey.  It will be an exciting exploration to see how my eggs change in their expression.  These are my eggs for M.C.

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2eggs4mc/8132015.  ippac1/2015 watercolor on paper

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