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Please email your request for Direct permission and license agreement to  Permission(s)/Agreement(s) are required prior to using my work for any commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, event promotion, website frameworks, books, movies, album art, anything to be sold.***

Also, please note the following guidelines for sharing my work through blogs and social media.  Images/Videos that I've posted publicly may be *SHARED as long as they remain UNALTERED in any way and retain my watermark and link to my website.

                              *SHARING INCLUDES: blog posts about, and social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.) sharing of, art.

*If you share my photos in blogs and/or social media, please include credit in the caption.. artist name (ippac1) AND a link to my website… “”.  An email notice of the share would be nice,

 ***IMPORTANT NOTE:  SHARING DOES NOT INCLUDE use in anything to be sold. ***see short list of examples above