the magic of dolls, 2.26.2015

posted Feb 26, 2015, 7:27 AM by C Hamlin-Krout   [ updated Oct 3, 2016, 12:42 PM ]

This morning when I was researching Japanese "Hina" dolls, I began looking at the different pictures and realized I had been given a pair years ago when shopping at a yard sale.  The lovely lady said she was reducing things she no longer needed, that she and her husband lived in Japan for awhile.  They look like the "Emperor" and "Empress", maybe.  She referred to them as a bride and groom, but now understanding more about the meaning and tradition, they hold an extra special space in our hearts and home now.  Isn't the magical synchronicity in life wondrous? And where it can lead us so unexpectedly, if we only listen closely to it, while trusting and following its quiet whispers in our soul...

The Brave and the Bold, both my heroes ..."Rauschenberg told art critic Calvin Tomkins, “Kennedy . . . reestablished what a President is supposed to be—somebody special. . . . One of the things that was so shocking about his death was that it was so believable; it wasn't out of scale with the strength and abruptness of all the things he’d done in office.” Kennedy’s social activism made him a hero to Rauschenberg..."