3.3.2015, 99u/Brené Brown: Why Your Critics Aren't The Ones Who Count

posted Mar 3, 2015, 11:43 AM by C Hamlin-Krout   [ updated Mar 3, 2015, 2:09 PM ]

Entering into the arena was not easy task for me because my comfort zone was sitting in the audience. And when I did finally enter the arena, it was for reasons beyond me.  

I owed it to a friend, who published my essay in a beautiful book. 

I owed it to a teacher I never met, whose artistic expression was never truly recognized during her lifetime.  

Even though a famous poet had instructed me on how to create a protective space in front and behind me

Even though this poet told me that once I released my speech or work into the world, it no longer belonged to me.  Once I stand in the arena and set it free, it belongs to the world.  

Even though people came up to me after the talk, so deeply moved.  I never imagined.

Even though a close and well-respected friend told me I was a natural.   I am sure she was being supportive.

These were not the thoughts I carried home that night.  These are not the thoughts that kept me awake for most of the night as I tried to understand.

My critic delivered a personal attack on my name of all things, not my work. Somehow it was all about all of the possibilities of why I might be named after a car.

No matter how much I assured him that I was NOT named after a car, but after a heroine from a romantic novel my mother read while carrying me. 

My beautiful, elegant mother wanted something empowering to go with my first name.

No, none of this mattered and that was all he got from one of my most passionate public talks on the power of creative acts in our daily lives!

Fortunately, I had just watched Brené Brown's 99u talk, “Why Your Critics Aren't The Ones Who Count”.  During this talk she prepared me for the person(s) waiting in the audience that I had no clue would be there.  

Because of this, I was able to work my way through what happened without shaming myself (for too long), and without an enormous amount of chocolate.      

So, if you are going to do what you LOVE and show up in your life, which I wholeheartedly recommend this path, then watch and trust Brené’s talk.  

Reserve a seat for the archetypal energies of shame, scarcity, and comparison because they will be there.  

Go ahead and also reserve a seat for your own special personal critic, whoever that might be.  Know these energies will be there, count on it, and don't let them get you down.  

NOW, know your values and why you are there.  Have one beautiful person who loves you, and can pick you up, no matter where the chips may fall.  The one person who is honest, helps you move forward in life, and who has your back. 

AND Reserve a seat, the best seat, for your beautiful self that truly knows why you are there, and has journeyed with you through life.

WHEN you stay true to your AUTHENTIC SELF and your values are in place, when you know why you are truly there, and you know the archetypal energies waiting in the audience, THEN you empower your work to carry the meaning.  

At some point your work will carry you to the arena again.  Well that is if you keep working and showing up in your life, which I also wholeheartedly recommend.

FINALLY the best truth is, only empower the feedback from others who have been in the arena themselves!!  YES!

All of this I learned in less than 30 minutes from her 99u Conference Talk with lots of laughs, she makes it fun because she is such an amazing “Research Storyteller”.  

Money spent on her books, supporting her work is a sound investment.  You can trust her, she has been there and is one of the first to tell the true story and she has your back!

And MOST of all, our world needs your creative expression!!!  If I can find my way, and DO IT, then so can you because I am just one ordinary person.

99U/Stop Focusing On Your Critics